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The Joomla! Project is pleased to announce the availability of Joomla! 3.4 Beta 1. Community members are asked to download and install the package in order to provide quality assurance for the forthcoming 3.4 release.

Joomla! 3 is the latest major release of the Joomla! CMS, with 3.4 the fifth standard-term support release in this series. Please note that going from 3.3 to 3.4 is a one-click upgrade and is NOT a migration. The same is true is for any subsequent versions in the 3 series of the CMS. That being said, please do not upgrade any of your production sites to the beta version as beta is ONLY intended for testing and there is no upgrade path from Beta.

What is this release for?

This is a BETA release, that should only be used on test sites. Beta releases cannot be upgraded.

Extension developers are encouraged to work with this release in order to prepare extensions for the stable release of Joomla! CMS 3.4, though there shouldn't be any backward compatibility issues. Users are encouraged to test the package for issues and to report issues in the Joomla! CMS Issue Tracker. Please do not upgrade any of your production sites to the beta version and do not start a new site on beta as beta is ONLY intended for testing and there is no upgrade path from Beta.

Click here to download.

When is the stable release due?

We have revised the launch timeline slightly to ensure we can get everything up to the quality levels we all would like, and to ensure thorough testing on as many hosting environments as possible.

The schedule is now as follows:

  • 27 January – Beta 1
  • 3 February – Beta 2
  • 10 February – Release Candidate (RC)
  • 17 February - 3.4 Release

Please note that dates may be subject to change depending on availability of volunteers and circumstances beyond our control.

Which bugs have been fixed in Joomla! 3.4?

A full list of issues resolved can be found on GitHub.

What’s new in Joomla! CMS 3.4

Decoupling com_weblinks

The PLT is on its way on creating a lighter core. We accomplished the first step in this is by removing com_weblinks from the core distribution. These extensions are maintained on GitHub. Before the stable release of 3.4, a new category will be created within the Joomla! Extensions Directory (JED). This new category will be for extensions marked as core-supported. For websites using weblinks your website will continue to function as normal. This means weblinks will not be removed from your Joomla installation, maintaining backwards compatibility. Weblinks will install like a normal extension.

Composer Integration

In the 3.3 release, we introduced code from the Joomla! Framework into the CMS, however, the method in which it is installed into the filesystem does not align with how Composer installs code. For the 3.4 release, we are integrating Composer into the CMS for managing external dependencies such as the Joomla! Framework and PHPMailer.


Google introduced a no CAPTCHA CAPTCHA API in December 2014. We updated the reCAPTCHA plugin to protect your login and registration forms against spam. While still supporting the old reCAPTCHA 1.0, you can now also use it for the new reCAPTCHA version 2.0. A significant number of your users can now attest they are human without having to solve a CAPTCHA. Instead with just a single click they’ll confirm they are not a robot.

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